Are you drowning in clutter?

Tripping over things you’ve held onto for years?

Want to take back the precious space in your home? Want a working kitchen or garage? No idea where to begin organizing?

Often, our homes end up cluttered before we even realize it. We buy too many things and keep them long after they’ve exhausted their usefulness. We keep objects “just in case” or just can’t bear to part with them.

Garages are often turned into deposit areas, with the cars left outside to face the elements.

Clutter King can help you reclaim your spaces and banish the clutter!  Whether it’s your kitchen, bedrooms, or garage, we can make your home look catalog-worthy!

We can also help when you are ready to downsize, move, or have to sort out a deceased relative’s possessions.

Ready to take back your space?

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Serving Houston TX, Katy TX, Cypress TX, Spring TX and surrounding areas!


Our Clients Say It Best

What a great job! Here it is all these months later, and the garage is still very well organized. Kudos to Justin for organizing things in such a manner that everything can be found and when used, is easily put back where it now belongs.

Joe F.
I hired Justin to help me declutter and organize in preparation for a move. Justin’s relaxed but determined demeanor really aided my ability to think critically in the decision making process. His good natured sense of humor also made the process enjoyable! I would recommend him to anyone anywhere!

Katie R.
Justin is a real pro at getting everything organized for a major garage cleaning.

Tom F.
A job well done, and I would recommend him to someone who needs to clean up and reduce household clutter.

Ola A.
Very pleasant experience.  Went from clutter and trash and disorganized to purging things of no use and value to us.

Cathy O.
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